New Mediterranean Diet Food Guide

A Mediterranean Diet Food Wheel has been launched, adding to the existing Portuguese Food Guide.

Unlike other Mediterranean food guides, that are often pyramid-shaped, our guide is circle-shaped, representing a food plate and conviviality, characteristic of the Mediterranean tradition. For the first time, references to environmental questions and culinary traditions are included.

This guide was developed by an independent task force at the University of Porto, for the Ministry of Health – Directorate-General of Health and has the support of other Ministries as well as the National Institute for Consumer. The development of this food guide was not influenced by the food industry.

This guide can be accessed here. 

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  1. I am an Australian Nutritionist and I’m keen to look at an English version of your Portuguese Food Guide. Are you able to email me a copy?


    Janine Lees a 22/06/2016 às 02:56


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