A Comissão Europeia leva cada vez mais a sério a promoção da alimentação saudável

A DGS e o PNPAS participam neste esforço da Comissão Europeia integrando o High Level Group on Nutrition and Physical Activity.


“Artur Furtado, deputy head of unit for the European Commission’s Health Determinants and Inequality unit, says that roughly 50% of health effects are related to what we eat. “It is something that sometimes goes a bit off the radar, that there is such a direct relationship between what we eat and the quality of our lives, and how this translates to chronic diseases,” he says.

– Unhealthy diets translate directly into a huge health and budgetary burden. In fact, more than 23% of all deaths can be attributed to that risk factor alone, according to the Commission. Losses of up to 7% of GDP can be linked to obesity. Changing people’s food consumption could yield significant savings for national budgets. 

– EU citizens collectively loose nearly 15 million life years due to dietary risks.

– You may note that 5 (6 if you count alcohol) out of the 10 most important risk factors behind the burden of disease are directly related to diets. It may also prove interesting to check: health data. 


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