Conheça a nova estratégia inglesa para o combate à obesidade

Foi hoje publicada a estratégia inglesa para o combate à obesidade para os próximos anos encorajando a indústria a reduzir o açúcar nos alimentos e a melhoria das refeições escolares que pode ler aqui.

A propósito leia também o comentário do Chef  Jamie Oliver:

“I’m in shock. The long-awaited Childhood Obesity Strategy from Theresa May’s new Government is far from robust, and I don’t know why was it shared during recess. It contains a few nice ideas, but so much is missing. It was set to be one of the most important health initiatives of our time, but look at the words used – ‘should, might, we encourage’ – too much of it is voluntary, suggestive, where are the mandatory points? Where are the actions on the irresponsible advertising targeted at our children, and the restrictions on junk food promotions? The sugary drinks tax seems to be the only clear part of this strategy, and with funds going directly to schools that’s great, but in isolation it’s not enough. This strategy was Britain’s opportunity to lead the way and to implement real, meaningful environmental change, to start removing the crippling financial burden from our NHS and reversing the tide of diet-related disease. With this disappointing, and frankly, underwhelming strategy the health of our future generations remains at stake. I sincerely hope the Government’s promise to ‘take further action where it is needed’ is true…”

Para ler atentamente e seguir nos próximos tempos.

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