Some of the 51 measures proposed by the inter-ministerial Strategy for the Promotion of Healthy Eating in Portugal (EIPAS)

The Integrated Strategy for the Promotion of Healthy Eating (EIPAS) was published on December 29th, 2017, documenting a set of measures, agreed by an inter-ministerial working group.

The new strategy proposes goals in four different areas (axis):

Axis 1 – To modify the environment where people choose and buy food by modifying the availability of food in certain physical spaces and promoting the reformulation of certain categories of food.

Axis 2: To improve the quality and accessibility of information available to consumers to inform and empower citizens for healthy food choices.

Axis 3: To promote and develop literacy and autonomy for the exercise of healthy consumer choices.

Axis 4: To promote innovation and entrepreneurship focused on the area of promotion of healthy eating.

Within every axis there are a set of measures in order to achieve the proposed goals. You can find some examples of the 51 measures in the document here.


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